Broadway Bike-In Theatre

The Broadway corridor has long been poised to be a major driver of growth in Vancouver and its transit intersection with the Canada Line in turn renders the cross streets of Broadway and Cambie a desirable area for enhancing the public realm.

Situated along main transit arteries, including the 10th Avenue Bikeway, this multifunctional public gathering space for performances, film screenings, and picnics activates an under-utilized, but ideal location and takes advantage of the site’s natural slope. The design would seek to create a clearly bounded gathering area with seating, amenities, and flexible programming, whose operational budget could be met with integrated advertising.

Much more than a performing arts space, the Bike-In Theatre is about the theatre of the city. With mountains and skyline as backdrop, workers, residents, and tourists all mingle in an inviting and accessible space.

Project Type: Public space intervention / conceptual development