Mole Hill Missing Middle

This dedicated rental building in downtown Vancouver’s West End is sandwiched between a seven storey apartment building and a two-and-a-half storey heritage house. The project bridges the difference in scale of its neighbours while responding to site constraints and a sensitive heritage context. In order to preserve an existing mature Cypress tree, the building’s massing is split into two sections, creating a communal courtyard in the middle.

Once a single family bungalow, the project now offers six units for tenancy and demonstrates the possibility of achieving gentle densification that also respects the neighbouring architecture. It embodies the desirable qualities of a missing middle typology, including walkable urban living, accessibility to a middle-income household, and housing diversity, which are all essential to the continued fostering of a city’s social and cultural vibrancy.


Completed 2018
Photography by Sama Jim Canzian

Feature article in Canadian Architect