Robson Reclaimed

Project Statement: "Robson Reclaimed" galvanizes the informal and ephemeral encounters of online exchanges, as well as the productive connections between community-based organizations and local talent centres.

Diverting local waste streams into valuable public space, the project forms an assemblage of narratives about the domestic and familiar. By placing household objects out of context, visitors are allowed glimpses of interior lives in a public exterior that is at once recognizable and alien - hovering between the novel and the nostalgic.

Viva Vancouver:

“The goal of VIVA Vancouver's Robson Redux competition is to temporarily transform the iconic 800-block of Robson Street, in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Canada, into an inviting and enjoyable pedestrian plaza for the summer season.

The theme of the competition is connection: people's connection to one another and to urban space.”

In collaboration with Basic Design

Project Type: 2015 Competition

Awards: Honourable Mention